No. 14 - Persimmon + Smoke Candle

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dilo candles are hand poured and made using 100% USA grown Soy Wax and carefully selected phthalate-free fragrance oils.

No. 14 Persimmon + Smoke, part of the limited seasonal collection, is gushing with citrus and finished with wood smoke that balances it for home use.

12.5 oz - burns for 65-70 hours - the ideal size for living rooms, larger spaces, and rooms with higher ceilings.

7.5 oz - burns for 40-50 hours - will slowly fill a medium sized space, without ever feeling overpowering.
3.5oz - burns for 20-25 hours - the perfect size candle for bathrooms or small office spaces.

Top: Orange Peel - Citron
Heart: Persimmon
Base: Cedar Smoke - Clove

All candles are Phthalate-free, using cotton wicks with no lead cores for safer, cleaner burning.

Customer Reviews

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Mai Woodcock
Perfect fall candle

I just received this candle and wow. This is the perfect warm, cozy scent I've been looking for. It gives fall cabin vibes. And it truly does fill the whole room! I find, with a lot of candles, that I need to stand right above the candle in order to smell it but this scent fills my entire living room into the hallway. I hope this scent is added to the permanent collection or at least brought back every fall.