dilo elsewhere Collection Incense Cones

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 Tin contains 25 Incense Cones - Resin + Fragrance

Choose from 4 elsewhere Fragrance Profiles

Hinoki Sesame - Coastal Sea Salt Air rises through Centuries-Old Hinoki Cypress Trees

Desert Kush - Juicy Yuzu and Grapefruit on top of a Hempy Kushy Pillow of Smoky Teakwood

Palo Santo - Smokey peppercorn notes toned down by Amber Resin and Palo Santo Wood.

Cactus Flower - Bright notes of Mandarin and Bergamot settle into a Mossy Redwood Smoke. 

Customer Reviews

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Mayank Parikh
Product Quality

The incense cones smell great. They burn clean leaving a fresh smell in the house.

Patty Hatton - Addie Rose Austin
Always a Good Idea

Love the Cactus Flower and the Desert Kush the most!

Not staying lite

I first purchased the Hindi Sesame from a shop in Santa Fe. Those have burned wonderfully. They smolder all the way through to the end. I decided to purchase the 4 pack and I’ve had trouble keeping those going. They light easily enough but they smolder a few minutes and burn out. I have to relight them multiple times.

Hi Adriene,
So sorry for the delay in replying here. Thanks so much for your purchase and review. We only use one particular incense cone and production is always the done same. Sometimes different cones can differ slightly in size, shape, and how dried out they are when you receive them. The most important thing to make sure is that the cone is well lit before blowing out the flame. It often helps to hold the cone and turn it on its side. Light for up to 15-20 seconds before blowing out - then you shouldn't have this issue any more. Please feel free to reach out to info@dilohome.com with any more questions.