Amber Collection Top Picks - Set of 4

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dilo candles are hand poured and made using 100% USA grown Soy Wax. 

12.5 oz - burns for 65-70 hours - the ideal size for living rooms, larger spaces, and rooms with higher ceilings.
7.5 oz - burns for 40-50 hours - will slowly fill a medium sized space, without ever feeling overpowering.  
3.5oz - burns for 20-25 hours - the perfect size candle for bathrooms or small office spaces.

This Product Bundle includes the following scent selections:

- No. 02 Amber + Oakmoss - Citrus blood orange top notes, middle notes of oak moss and patchouli and base notes of amber, sandalwood and musk. 

- No. 03 Tobacco + Cedar - Top notes cinnamon and vanilla, middle notes of tobacco leaves and base notes of warm musk and cedar wood.

- No. 05 Coconut + Vetiver - Top notes of rum and coconut, middle notes of carnation and musk, and base notes of vetiver and cedar wood

- No. 10 Basil Mint + Lavender - Top notes of fresh mint and basil leaves, middle notes of lavender, and base notes of musk, orange blossom and beachwood.

    All candles are Phthalate-free, using cotton wicks with no lead .cores for safer, cleaner burning.

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    Great scents, love that it’s local

    As a Philadelphian myself, I’m always happy to support local business, and it’s easy when the products are this good. Dilo candles are one of my go to gifts and I have a few for my own home as well. Great scents; nothing too flowery or overly fragrant, but not overwhelmingly masculine like some candles aimed at men can be (though I like those too). Great candles for anyone.